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From companies that may be fraudulent or individuals who may have a criminal background from selling, leasing and/or installing and servicing your security by requiring that they are licensed.  Chapter 35 - Private Security (Texas Administrative Code) .

Video surveillance systems such as CCTV, DVR, NVR, analog, digital and IP cameras that record or archive images of property or individuals in a public or private area of a residence or business or is transmitted through an Intranet or Internet protocol are defined by the state as an alarm system and requires the company and individual selling, leasing and/or installing or servicing your alarm or security to have a license issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety - Private Security Bureau in accordance with the Texas Occupations Code.

They can be assessed a civil penalty to be paid to the state in an amount not to exceed $10,000 for each violation. 1702.381 and/or be charged with a Class A Misdemeanor 1702.388 and/or fined up to $4,000.  A second offense can be a 3rd Degree Felony.

Look for their license number and address in their advertising. It's required by law.
Rule 35.37 and Rule 35.1(10)  

Be careful about misleading or deceptive advertising. Get what was stated or advertised in a written agreement.  If they are licensed and you ask to see their license, by law they have to show it to you. Rule 35.35  

If they are not licensed, you should report them to the Regulatory Services Division of the Dept. of Public Safety.

Be careful about sellers' that advertise they can find or refer you to an installer. Referring is consulting and requires a license. 1702.1045

Be careful when hiring someone or a company for a fee including an IT or IP technician, telephone or computer technician, locksmith, electrician or anyone that doesn't have a license to install or service security equipment.  Both them and you could end up in trouble. 1702.002, 1702.1021702.105, 1702.381, 1702.388

If your security system is monitored, the monitoring company and their personnel must also be licensed whether they are located in or out of state.
1702.105, 1702.224, 1702.331

The use of the State Seal of Texas or the seal of the Department of Public Safety to advertise or publicize a commercial undertaking is prohibited. Rule 35.34

Before you even talk to someone about your security or let them in your home or business to sell, install or repair your security equipment, ask to see their individual pocket card issued by The Department of Public Safety - Private Security Bureau and not the card their company issued. 1702.232

You don't need a license to buy, install and service your own security equipment, but if you hire someone and knew they were not licensed to install or service it, you could find yourself and whoever you hire in trouble. 1702.381

There are exceptions and you should examine the law, Texas Occupations Code 1702, Private Security Statutes and Rules and Opinions or contact the Regulatory Services Division of the Department of Public Safety concerning any questions or interpretations.  Click on "Select Program" then select "Private Security".

You can also check to see if a Company or Individual is licensed. Doing so could keep you from breaking the law by hiring an unlicensed company and/or individual for your security needs.

If you have reason to believe an individual or company may be in violation of any local, state or federal regulations or you feel they may have committed fraud in any way, you should contact the Texas Department of Public Safety - Private Security Bureau

Don't get SCAMMED. With the exception of estimates and shipping it's not FREE if you have to buy something else or sign a contract to get it.

Look for anything about repair service in their advertising or website. If you can't get it fixed, you could find yourself financially obligated to fix the security equipment yourself without recourse. Be careful if the only repair service they offer is the manufacturer's limited warranty. Having to ship something back to the seller or manufacturer is not only difficult, costly and time consuming, it can leave you without security for a substantial amount of time.

It's not a good idea to buy a security system or anything else from a door to door salesperson or telemarketer. It's also not a good idea to be persuaded by a TV or radio commercial to purchase a security or surveillance system. If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is.

Get on the Internet and go to Goggle, Bing, Yahoo or Ask and enter - complaints or reviews and the name of the company.

Be careful signing a long term contract.  Carefully read it before you sign it, otherwise you may be sorry later on.  Look for any options that may protect you if the company doesn't perform as they stated. If you're not satisfied, you could be stuck with it or it could be difficult or costly to cancel.

Above all, if you don't want a convicted murderer, rapist, robber, burglar, thief, drug addict or criminal selling, installing and servicing your security, make sure they are licensed by the state.
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